What Makes A Website Look Dated

A website is essential for marketing your services in today’s world because the internet has become such a large part of most people’s lives. Websites are often the first impression your business will give. A dated website will give the impression that you don’t care about your business, or that you are too busy to properly care for it.

Things to avoid:

Certain Html or Xhtml presentational code is now obsolete because of the introduction of CSS3 and HTML5. Also, a lot presentation that was governed by Javascript is now available in an updated form through CSS3.

Here are some common elements that make your website look outdated and that should be avoided.

– Guestbooks

Guestbooks allow visitors to your website to leave feedback. Guestbooks are meant for people to leave a quick comment about your website before moving on, so they do not require any sort of profile. The downside to this is that it is an open invitation for spammers who will advertise their services on your site. This is a very bad thing because it distracts possible customers from your services. Instead, they focus on the spammers’ services which leads to your website becoming an advertisement for other people’s services.

– Flashing Images

Flashing images are disappearing rapidly from websites as the internet continues to grow. Images that blink or flash will distract viewers from your services and can also be downright annoying. Placing images strategically instead of having them flash, will draw the attention that you want without having them be distracting or annoying.

– The use of tables

A table is an html element layout used to position elements on a page. However, tables are no longer the best choice for the job. Tables generally take longer for a browser to parse due to the lines of markup it takes to make one. You can instead use Css to position elements on an html page. CSS allows less lines of code for the same job and is easier on browsers.

– Not taking advantages of CSS

CSS3 is a coding language that styles your website. In other words, it affects the visual presentation of your website. Not taking advantage of CSS will drastically reduce the styling that is available for your website and will result in a poorly-styled eyesore.


Keeping your website up to date will give potential customers the impression that you care about your business. Any of the elements listed in this article will make your website look dated. If you are interested in updating your website, contact us at Emwd.com. We have been in business for over 15 years building excellent looking websites for our customers. We know the ins and outs of web design and can help you market your services with up-to-date websites that have both the presentation and functionality to take your business to the next level!

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