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Every company should have a blog. They’re great for marketing, engaging your audience, and driving traffic to your website (SEO). Sadly, however, some blogs just aren’t that great; or they may be great but they are just not doing what you want them to do. Does this describes your blog? If yes, then have no fear, we’re here to help you. In this article we’ve given you several tips to help you use your blog to boost your conversions.


Call To Action Buttons

The first thing on the list are Call To Action Buttons or CTAs. At the bottom of each blog post, you should have a call to action button: something your reader will spot instantly and then feel compelled to click on. Play around with different sizes of buttons, even a text call to action. Find out which one works best for your company. Besides the primary CTA, you might also want to include a secondary button that subscribes them to your blog or newsletter.


It’s a Visual World

Social media is a very powerful medium for promoting your blog and, ultimately, your company. In order to have the most effective blog possible, you need to include images in your blog posts. Social media is very image-driven, so your images within your blog posts take on great importance. A wonderful tool for designing images for blogs and social media is We use them all the time.

Experiment with Social Media/blog integration. Try including click-to-tweet functionality in your blog posts and make sure your readers are able to share your blog posts via social media.



Headlines are very important for SEO. Put your target keyword at the beginning of the headline rather than at the end or middle. This will help your SEO ranking. Also make sure to keep your headlines below 65 characters, otherwise the search engine will cut part of it off leaving you with the dreaded ” …” . Ultimately search engines want to provide relevant content to the user, so make sure that your content delivers on what the headline promises.

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, make sure you look into Yoast SEO. It’s a great plugin to help improve the SEO rankings of your headlines and blog posts.


Wonderful Links

Links are another important element for SEO. Linking to a highly-ranked blog post from a lower-ranked post will boost the authority of your blog and its ranking. If you write a blog post on the same subject as a previous post, then link to the newer post from the older post. This will also boost your blog authority. Also, if you link to the same internal post more than once, make sure the first link contains your targeted keywords because this is the one that search engines care the most about.



Most of these tips you can do quickly and without any trouble. Social media is great for your blog, but it’s also great for marketing your business in general. If you can get users to interact with and share your blog content, that’s free marketing. Another big thing we saw in this article is SEO. Blogs are absolutely wonderful for SEO and marketing, but first, the user has  to be able to find your blog. We hope that these tips will help you optimize your blog and that you will see your conversions increase.

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