Mailman 3 Screen Shots

As our Mailman 3 service continues to gain popularity with new users of Mailman, we wanted to show our existing Mailman 2 users what Mailman 3 looks like. The interfaces listed in these screen shots are broken up in two sections: screen shots of the admin interface called Postorius and screen shots of the forum interface which is called Hyperkitty.

Postorius (Admin Interface for Mailman 3)



Hyperkitty (Forum Interface for Mailman 3)


If you are an existing Mailman 2 client and you wish to upgrade to Mailman 3, then please open a support ticket with us via your client area to let us know. There is a minor price increase per list to use Mailman 3 but the benefits of using Mailman 3 should more than justify the additional cost.