Optimizing Your Website for Lead Generation

Many books have been written on the subject of lead generation, and with good reason. Optimizing for lead generation is one of the most important responsibilities of modern marketers. There are a multitude of ways to optimize your website. Sadly however, some companies aren’t even doing the basics and are seeing a low traffic rate as a result. In this article we’ll go over some of the ways you can optimize your website for generating leads.


Create Gated Content

The first optimization technique we’ll look at is gated content. The idea here is to create in-depth, “premium” content that requires something from the site visitor in order to be accessed. The price is not money; it’s simply an email address. Some people protect their email addresses very carefully, though, so make sure the content you’re providing is worth it. You’re probably wondering what kind of content to gate. Well, here are some examples: eBooks, in-depth guides, or even a special promotion. Premium content can be created over time, but it definitely  needs to be included on your site. Make sure you feature your gated content prominently by promoting it on your homepage or in your mailing list.


Integrate Social Media Into Your Gated Content

If gated content is great for generating leads, social media improves it. Adding a share button to your premium content allows the world to market for you. Make sure to put the share button on the landing page, the part that requires the email address, otherwise you’ll be giving your gated content away for free. Social media is a very powerful tool for marketing. Integrating it into your gated content, blog posts, and website will boost your lead generation significantly.


Add Call To Action Buttons To Your Blog

Blog’s are great for a business’s online presence. They help connect with your client base, and they help your search engine rankings. A good blog will have people reading it, so why not take advantage of this and put a call to action (CTA) button at the bottom of each blog post? Blogs are already a great source of lead generation, but adding a call to action button will make them even better. The CTA doesn’t have to be an actual button; it can be an italicized line of text with a link in it leading people to your services. Whichever type you choose, make sure you have a CTA at the bottom of each blog post.


Testing And SEO

A great way to boost your lead generation is to find out what works. This can be accomplished by testing your website to see what generates the most leads. Set a period of time, and then put a video on your homepage instead of the usual header. Did your traffic go up or down? Did your sales go up or down? Testing what content works best is a good way to boost lead generation.

Our final tip is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If people can’t find you, they can’t buy your product and your sales won’t be at the level you’d expect. It may be worth hiring a professional or using software to test your website for SEO. You may come up with some valuable information and things that need to be changed on your website in order to boost your SEO rankings. The higher you rank in a search engine, the more leads you’ll see.


Lead generation is what you want from your website and there’s no end of techniques to improve your website. Gated content is a great technique that gets you an email address that you can then market to. Don’t forget to use social media: it’s a very powerful tool. Create a page for your business on relevant social media sites and integrate share buttons into your premium content. Some of the techniques in this article such as adding CTA’s to your blog posts are quite easy and can be done by nearly everyone. Others such as SEO may require outside help. Choose one or more techniques and don’t neglect the optimization of your website for lead generation.

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