Elements of a About page

Elements of a Great About Page

While not as important as the Home page, the About page of your website ranks in the top three most visited web pages. Your About page is used by customers to find out who you as a company are and what services you offer. Your About page should be listed in your site’s navigation and should be easy to locate. Pay attention to your About page, keep it updated and it will pay off. Not keeping your About page updated will result in giving people a poor impression of your company. Remember your website should be building credibility and a great About page goes a long way in accomplishing that.

What makes an About page compelling?

Be Personal

Be Personal

Being personal. This allows people to feel like they know you and your company. While you don’t want to go overboard and list every single detail about your company;  you will want to give an overview of your company’s history, list your company’s values and provide photos of your most important employees. Try to include some testimonials on your About page. Let people viewing your website see what your customers think about you. This will help make your about page personal and spotlight your services.

The content of an About page.

The content of your about page should cover your company history and what your company values. Your company information should include personal information about your company and basic information such as your company’s contact information and street address. Provide a mission statement and/or a values statement.  Including testimonials can help spotlight your services and how you provide value to your customers.

Try to avoid the use of generic photos if possible. Providing professional looking photos of your important employees and interior/exterior views of your business location provides that personal touch. We live in an age of social networking where we have allowed our lives to be more opened then ever before. Well, your About page should follow this trend and invite your site visitors to see the more personal side of your business.


About Us page example

Build Credibility

Your About page is an incredibly important page on your website. Pay attention to it, keep it updated, make sure it is easy to locate, and your customers will appreciate it. Remember a compelling About page goes a long way in generating credibility and credibility leads to profitability.

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