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How To Create A Successful Blog Strategy

Blogs can do a lot of great things for your company. They provide SEO exposure and introduce you as a thought leader. But if you want your blog to go further and get better, you need to come up with a blog strategy. This will help you focus on your goals and improve your content. Here are some questions you’ll need to answer:


1. What Is The Purpose of Your Blog?

Before you can really get deep into blog strategy, you need to answer the question, “Why does my blog exist?” Is it there to get you more conversions or to provide witty articles for people who are bored? Once you’re able to write one sentence clearly illustrating the purpose of your blog, move on.


2. Who Is Your Target Audience?

This is a very important question to answer because if you know your audience, then you can tailor your content for them. Once you’ve figured out who your ideal audience is, you need to do some research about them. Find out what type of content your target audience likes. Social Media pages, forums, and comments from similar blogs will give you valuable insight into what your audience wants.


3. What Keywords Are You Targeting?

You want to document a few of your target keywords/key-phrases. This will help you to keep your content focused. You should also dedicate some time to researching what keywords/phrases your potential audience would search for. Keep in mind that search algorithms are always updating and becoming more intuitive, so you may have to change your tactics once in a while.


4. Who is Your Competition?

For this step, you want to document 5-10 of your competitors and see if they have a blog. This will also help you identify the content that attracts your target audience. Also do an audit of the keywords you’re targeting. If your competitors are ranked higher than you, you need to work harder at writing content for that particular keyword.


5. How Do You Promote Your Blog?

Simply writing a blog post and hitting publish won’t draw readers in. You need to focus on how you’re going to market your blog. Using social media is a really good option. Once you’ve finished your blog article, tweet it, post it, and use a few relevant keywords. You could also use ad services like Google Adwords. Lots of bloggers do this and it works really well.



There are so many benefits to having a good blog. But, before you can have a good blog, you need a good blog strategy. Answering all these questions will help you come up with a focused blog strategy. Do your research on your audience, what content they like and what keywords they use, and remember to use social media and other marketing tools. Happy blogging!

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