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The Power of Our Cloud


Our Cloud Virtual machines run on state-of-the-art hardware. Plus we never overtax our resources. This means you’ll have all the power you need for your website, when you need it. And if those needs ever increase, you can easily bring in more resources.


Our cloud servers are very flexible. You can adjust disk space, memory, or add CPU cores, all from your client area. You can even reboot, or turn your VPS on/off remotely. This allows you to scale the server to the specific needs of your website and provide a better experience on your website.

Cloud VPS

Behind The Scenes

Data Center

Our data center is located in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte has the second largest financial district in the US and has multiple bandwidth carriers that serve this growing metropolis. Our data center takes advantage of this fact which is why connections to our servers are fast and responsive.


OnApp is the software that powers our cloud and allows us to offer stable and fast virtual private servers (VPS) in a true cloud environment. It allows us to provide scalable resources and very fast performance.

A Smart Business Decision

Cost Effective

Our cloud is very cost effective. Because a Cloud VPS is virtual, we can run more than one VPS per hypervisor. This is extremely cost effective and we pass the savings on to you. You can also scale the resources to the exact need of your site so you’re not overpaying for resources you don’t need.

24/7 Support

If anything were to go wrong, or you just have a question, you can be confident knowing our support team is always available. We’re expert troubleshooters with over 17 years of support experience. And in case one of our hypervisors goes down, our cloud will immediately migrate your virtual server to an online hypervisor.