Card Design For The Web

Card design has been steadily gaining in popularity alongside Flat and Minimalist design. Popularized by Pinterest, card design provides a way to display a lot of information in a clean and easy to follow layout. This trend is seeing some major adoption by big tech companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter. In this article we’ll take a close look at card design and discover why it’s so popular.


What is Card Design?

Though you’re probably not familiar with the term “card” in design, you know what a card is. They’re the things you give to your clients, play poker with, and collect. Essentially, on the web, they’re the same. Simply put, a card is an interactive block of content which usually takes the shape of a rectangle.  There are two parts to this: the content and the interactivity. Let’s use an example.

Think of a news article in the form of card. You’d have a small excerpt from the article, the content, and then a “read more” link which would be the interactivity. That’s what cards do. They look nice and keep the layout clean, but they’re also inherently useful, which makes them very popular.



When Should You Use Card Design?

So when would card design be the best choice for your website? Whenever you have a lot of information you need to display. That’s why card design is very popular with social media sites, online stores, and news sites. Card design really shines because it allows you to separate each article or product while still displaying them neatly. Are you beginning to see the strength in this trend? Now let’s talk a little bit about mobile devices. The screen size of most mobile devices is already laid out like a card. For mobile, all the website has to do , instead of displaying multiple cards next to each other, is scale down and display one card at a time vertically.



Now that you know what card design is and how it should be used, let’s take a look at some examples.







Card design is a very interesting trend that’s seeing a lot of adoption on the web. It’s useful for displaying a lot of information in a clean layout. It’s particularly great for social media sites, news sites, and online stores. Have you seen a great example of card design on the web recently? Share it with us in the comments!

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