Brotli Powered Hosting

Brotli was released in 2013 by Google for the specific compression of web fonts. It has been enhanced since then to have a particular emphasis for the purpose of HTTP compression. So this technology helps speed up the delivery of your web sites and other web based applications. Brotli support is now available on all of EMWD’s shared hosting servers. It is also available to our cloud VPS clients.

What Is Brotli?

Brotli is an open source, lossless data compression algorithm that has a better compression density than the venerable gzip which has been a staple for data compression for years. Brotli was originally developed by Google for the compression of web fonts but since then Google added a strong emphasis on web compression to it. It then released Brotli to the open source community. Brotli enjoys wide browser support since 2017.

How Does Brotli Benefit?

Brotli excels at compressing text files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It performs 20% better than Gzip. Web pages now weigh more than ever and bandwidth consumption is at an all time high. Brotli helps with both realities as it reduces page size and bandwidth usage.

Brotli has a direct favorable impact on page load time. Improving page load times will improve your SEO and therefore will help drive traffic to your website via search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

It has also been reported that Google increases its trust of websites that uses the Brotli technology leading to improved rankings.

Reducing file sizes will make the web a faster and more enjoyable place for users, especially for mobile users. The ever growing mobile market benefits the most from Brotli and your website will be loved by many mobile users. is committed to the SEO friendliness of our hosting environment in order that our clients’ websites can thrive.

How Can I Use Brotli?

The first thing to do is check to see if your website is already taking advantage of Brotli. We recommend this tool to do a Brotli test. If you see the Brotli Compression is supported message then you are all set.

If your website did not pass the test and you are a client of then log into your client area and fill out a support ticket. Our gurus will immediately show up on your site and start force feeding Brotli to it! When we are done, your website will be healthier and slimmer!

If your website did not pass the test and you are NOT a client then reach out to us at and let us know about this. We may even offer a discount to see if we can convince you to move your website to our over-powered cloud platform.