Tips for blog marketing

Tips For Blog Marketing

In the online world, connecting with your audience is essential to keep them engaged. One of the ways you can do this is through blogs. Blogs provide great SEO benefits and a reason for users to keep coming back to your website. Blogging can seem like a chore, especially when you don’t have a large following, but keep at it and you’ll reap the rewards. It’s possible for even a small company to get a large following on their blog. In this article we’ll give you some great tips to help you market your blog.


Write Frequently

You should try to update your blog at least once a week. People read a blog to stay up-to-date on whatever subject your blog talks about. If you’re slow providing content updates, you’ll lose whatever small following you did have. You can write about a wide variety of subjects or you can limit it to a very narrow topic. Narrower topics tend to provide better user interactions. Another great thing about frequent blog entries is the more you write, the better you get!

It’s also important to know your audience so you can write about topics that interest them. An interested user is sure to come back to your blog and even share it with other users. You can also link to other related posts inside  your blog. This will provide more information that interests a user and keep them on your blog. Updating older blog posts will help bring relevancy to your blog. For example, you could go back to an old post about WordPress and update it with things you’ve learned from your additional experience in using WordPress.


Use Social Media

Social media is a really awesome tool for a blogger. You can share your posts with one click. What’s more, anyone who enjoys reading your blog can share your posts with one click. Having even one person share your post can have quite an impact on your following. That’s why it’s so important to have social media share buttons easily accessible from your blog posts. Do a quick search for “Social media share button plugins” and you’ll come up with a few highly rated plugins.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for a blog. In order to get traffic to your blog, people need to be able to find you on search engines. If you’re using WordPress, you’ll be able to find some plugins that are a really great help. We recommend using Yoast’s WordPress SEO Plugin. If you’re not using WordPress then you’ll have to use a Code Editor and do everything manually. We have a great article to help you out:


Advertise Your Blog

You may not think that advertising works well unless your blog is already popular. This actually isn’t the case. Advertising can really help a small blog. Try setting a budget and giving it a few tries. Google Adwords is probably the best known advertising source online. Adwords uses keywords and user-supplied data to target the audiences that are likely to be interested in your site. Most often this is on a pay-per-click set up. Social media ads on Facebook and Twitter can also be very profitable. Basically you just want to put your name out there, market your blog, and your following will begin to grow.



Following these tips may seem like a lot of work, and it is. But stick to it and you’ll start to see a return on your investment. Try to engage your users, write in a style that’s easy to read, allow them to comment on your posts, and comment back. This will help you grow and keep your following. The most important thing to remember is to write, write, and keep writing. This alone will keep your blog followers growing. Happy blogging!

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