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7 Best Types Of Email Marketing

Even in 2015 email marketing is still an incredibly powerful tool. In fact, 73% of marketers agree that email marketing is core to their business. But across all industries, only 3.26% percent of emails generate a click-through. So how can you increase your click-throughs, not to mention brand awareness and trust? By employing the 7 best types of email marketing.


1. The Welcome Email

First impressions are often the most important. That’s why when someone signs up for your email newsletter, the first thing they should receive is a welcome email. This is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your company and to build trust and credibility. This type of email is very easy to automate and will confirm the subscription so the client knows to expect more emails in the future.


2. The Dedicated Email

This type of email marketing occurs most frequently. This email is focused on one specific offer or event. Dedicated emails are very popular because they allow you to include all the best email marketing techniques, such as a call to action. They’re also very easy to set up and send because they don’t rely too heavily on fancy graphics. Of course, scheduling these can be difficult because you only send them out when you have a specific offer. You have to find a balance between sending too many and too little.


3. The Newsletter

A newsletter is something every company should have. By regularly communicating with your client base, they will begin to recognize and trust your brand. Newsletters need to be scheduled regularly, but in general, they’re not that time consuming because you can re-use content you’ve written, such as blog posts. Also keep in mind that your newsletters will be going out to existing subscribers and not new business so your message should match accordingly.


4. Digest Email

A digest email is basically a smaller or digested version of the newsletter. This is where you will consolidate a list of, say, all the blog posts of that month and send it off to the user. It’s easier to skim than a newsletter and so some users prefer it. They’re also very easy to send because they don’t require you to come up with any content. However, this type of email is very impersonal because there’s no input from your brand.


5. Lead Nurturing Email

A lead nurturing email is for converting subscribers into customers. It’s a very personal and time consuming email message. Basically, what you do with this one is pick a product and a subscriber, educate them on why the product will help them and their business, and then market the product to them. Like I said, it’s very time consuming because you can’t mass send this type of email, but it has a much higher conversion rate than bulk email.

6. Transactional Email

A transactional email is sent to a user after they complete a certain action. For example, if they abandon your cart, you could have an email sent a day later to remind them. A transactional email could also be sent to thank them for a purchase, confirm a signup, or give login credentials. This type of email generally experiences a high click-through rate because it’s very specific and generally important. When it takes the form a thank-you email, it can build brand trust.


7. Anniversary Email

Anniversary emails are very personal emails. Because of this, they have a much higher open rate than standard bulk emails. They can cover the anniversary of the client signing up, a public holiday, or even the client’s birthday, if you know it. In this type of email, you’d want to market a one-of-a-kind, limited deal such as a 25% discount as a “Happy Birthday!” gift. On top of possibly making you money, this type of email will do a lot to increase trust and brand awareness. You should definitely try to send out a few of these each year.


There you have it, the 7 best types of email marketing. Try to find a few that work for your business and customer base and send them out regularly. Like I said earlier, every business should send out a newsletter. It doesn’t matter if it’s weekly or quarterly; you should always have a method of regular communication with your subscriber base. Hopefully you’ll be able to put these methods into practice and get some good results!

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