Mailman 3 Hosting is now available. The next generation List Management Application. Combining email and forum list features in a beautiful display of online harmony.

Our Mailman 3 list hosting uses a per list pricing model. Each Mailman 3 list is $5 per month and a $10 setup fee. For a large amount of lists, you may want to consider our Mailman 3 cloud service which is coming soon.

Our Mailman 3 cloud hosting installs Mailman 3 in a dedicated environment for your use. You can setup as many lists as you need for one dedicated monthly price. Coming soon.

Introducing Our New Cloud Platform:

  • Fast SSD Drives

    Our new cloud platform utilizes enterprise-class SSD drives delivering speeds up to 500 iops!

  • 40 Gigabit Network

    Utilizing 40 gigabit network connections with multiple levels of redundancy puts us ahead of most of the competition.

  • Multiple Datacenters

    Our cloud now utilizes 9 datacenters in 3 global regions: North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. We have gone global!

Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting puts your website in our cloud running on CloudLinux powered virtual servers. With daily backups and a world-class control panel, your website has the stability and tools to help you make your mark in this world. You can trust us with your website!

Cloud VPS

Our cloud VPS hosting is low priced, flexible and reliable. You have a number of operating systems to choose from and access to our knowledgeable support staff. Use the power of our cloud to keep your online presence running at maximum speed and uptime.

WordPress Hosting

We offer fast and reliable WordPress hosting on our cloud servers. It comes with a 1-click installation script. Protect your brand and grow your business with a WordPress hosting service built for speed, security, and reliability.

Mailman Hosting

We offer a solid mailing list experience with our Mailman hosting. Dependable delivery and industry exceeding uptime for our list servers are what your mailing lists will experience. Our list hosting starts at $3 per list per month.


New names, New opportunities

Due to the dearth of any decent domain names, ICANN has authorized the creation of hundreds of new domain extensions. Now is the time to get the domain name that you always wanted for your industry, interest, city or even region. Are you a plumber in Seattle, WA? Then register seattle.plumbers. Are you a ninja at cooking? Then purchase cooking.ninja. With these new extensions, the sky is once again the limit!

New TLDs


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