Cloud VPS

Cloud Basic

CPU: 1
Memory: 512 MB
SAN Disk Space: 60 Gig
Bandwidth: 250 Gigabytes

Price: $25 per month

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Cloud Standard

CPU: 2
Memory: 3 Gig
SAN Disk Space: 120 Gig
Bandwidth: 500 Gigabytes

Price: $80 per month

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Cloud Premium

CPU: 4
Memory: 6 Gig
SAN Disk Space: 300 Gig
Bandwidth: 1000 Gigabytes

Price: $150 per month

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What is CLOUD VPS?


Cloud VPS is a high performance virtual private server that resides in our Onapp Powered cloud. Because our servers are virtual, there is no dedicated hardware involved in the creation or setting up a server. This allows our VPS packages to be priced in an affordable manner. Assigning resources to a VPS without having to dedicate hardware to do so is a very efficient use of computing resources (memory, disk space, and CPU). This efficiency allows business owners, hobbyists, bloggers, and other users of websites access to greater resources for their websites. Instead of compromising and having your website run on a shared hosting server with shared resources, you can now set your website up on a VPS that is fully dedicated to you.


The Cloud


The cloud model provides shared and redundant resources. In the cloud many servers and storage servers (SANS) are integrated to allow cloud servers to scale up and down as needed. Our cloud also removes traditional single points of failure. Our SAN has hot spare drives ready to be used if a hard drive within the SAN fails. If a hypervisor containing a number of virtual servers goes down, then those virtual servers will be automatically migrated to a spare hypervisor. The cloud brings increased uptime, resiliency, and redundancy.

Cloud Advantages

  • Redundant
  • Scalable
  • High Speed Disks (SAN)